Introducing Career Drives - the HFMtalentindex Motivations Assessment

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Introducing Career Drives - the HFMtalentindex Motivations Assessment

The HFMtalentindex Motivations Assessment gives you insight into the key motivators of behaviour and performance at work. Results are provided in the Career Drives report, with feedback in terms of the preferred roles and values of existing employees

Why it works

Employee engagement and satisfaction at work play a key role in the day to day success of both individuals and teams. While competency and intelligence should not be overlooked as important predictors of job performance, properly motivated employees and well constructed teams are empowered to perform at their peak.

These factors are crucial when one also considers the financial and practical benefits that derive from happy, motivated employees. The alternatives also need to be kept in mind: disengagement, dissatisfaction and their associated effect on productivity, effort, absenteeism and turnover.

This is where the HFMtalentindex Motivations Assessment and the Career Drives report provides the most benefit. The Career Drives report gives objective feedback into what motivates an employee, while the Career Drives Dashboard provides an overview of the drivers of a team. These insights enable employees to be managed proactively and effectively, and give individuals information on how to engage with similarly and differently motivated team members.

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The science behind it

The theoretical basis of the HFMtalentindex Motivations Assessment is the Competing Values Framework by Robert Quinn. It has been used in large corporate organisations globally for many years.

The launch in South Africa comes after a comprehensive norm study, standardising the test to the specific requirements of a South African working population norm group that is fully representative in terms of gender, ethnicity and language. As with all HFMtalentindex tools, validity in all sub-demographics is proven.

Find out more about the Career Drives

The Career Drives report is used internationally for development, succession planning, selection and career guidance. To find out more about the assessment and download a sample report, click here.


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