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Learning Agility Assessments

Building an agile organisation with agile people

  • For selection, development and talent management
  • South Africa's 1st validated Learning Agility measurements
  • Agility is the key to progress

Learning Agility: predictor of work success

Knowing someone's Learning Agility gives clear guidance in the constantly changing world of work. When you are unsure what will be expected of people in the future, it becomes more important to know someone's potential to learn.

Learning Agility is a vital predictor of work and leadership success. For individuals, teams and organisations.

What is Learning Agility?

Learning Agility is the ability to develop new effective behaviour quickly and flexibly, based on new experiences, and then to apply this behaviour successfully.

It is a form of learning ability and gives an indication of a person’s stretchability. Learning Agility indicates whether you have the potential to generally learn new things quickly. This may not be relevant now, but it may be in the future.

Learning Agility can be measured and developed.

Learning Agility Assessments for selection and development

For many years, HFMtalentindex has conducted research into Learning Agility and developed scientifically proven Learning Agility measurements for selection, development and talent management.

Learning Agility & Selection

Create an agile organisation by making Learning Agility an integral part of the selection process. Measure potential and ambition for agility.

Use the Learning Agility Indicator to get clear insight into the agility of your future workforce.

Learning Agility & Development

Grow the agility of individuals and teams within your organisation by focusing on the development of Learning Agility. Measure current Learning Agility and find out growth potential.

Use the Learning Agility GO to put people to work and increase their agility. An assessment and development module in one.

Learning Agility & Talent Management

Get a clear overview of the agility of your organisation. Measure potential, ambition and behaviour for agility.

Use the Learning Agility Scan for insight into potential and performance in practice. Including a 360-degree feedback measurement. Use the Learning Agility Scan as a stand-alone tool or as an ROI measurement after development efforts.

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