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Volume Candidate Screening

Fixed-cost online solution for high-volume selection

  • Screen everyone for a flat fee
  • Focus on valuable candidates
  • Candidate ranking, analytics and comprehensive reports

Fixed-cost online solution

Your Saas platform, putting you in control of talent with the lowest cost of ownership:

  • Unlimited assessments
  • Measure role fit as the first step of the selection process
  • Suitable for recruitment at any scale

Accurate predictor of job success

Comprehensive data to drive strategic decision-making:

  • Test candidates for potential, adaptive cognition and competency role fit
  • Powerful tools for candidate filtering and analytics
  • Real-time strategic talent data at your fingertips, from summary overviews to detailed reports

Spend valuable time on valuable candidates

Time and data are two of our most valuable commodities. With a streamlined data-driven approach, you'll have more of both:

  • Deeply accurate, business-focused talent insights for HR and line management
  • No more time wasted on screening CVs and pre-qualifying interviews
  • ATS integration

Your full potential, unleashed

Let the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Reduction in time of 40-80%
  • Retain your top talent 1,7 times longer
  • 9 times higher probability of successful hires, compared to a traditional CV-method



Adaptive assessment of General Mental Ability

Matrigma is a GMA test that predicts successful performance across all industries and for all levels of job complexity. The non-verbal and non-numerical format of the test ensures a wide application, beyond cultural, educational and linguistic barriers.


Big five personality assessment

MAP is a comprehensive personality questionnaire based on the Five Factor Model. It measures a wide range of individual characteristics and predicts behaviours critical for the workplace. MAP is used for recruitment, on-boarding, development, succession planning and career counselling.

Competency Framework

Aligning psychometric outcomes to behaviour-based competencies

Finding high performers is not only about identifying general talent. Making the right match for a particular role in your specific company is just as critical. By profiling a job role in terms of competencies, you can easily measure your candidates against these specific demands and see how well they fit the profile.

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