Development & Performance

Online, integrated solutions for employee development and 360-degree feedback

360-degree based and independent development against performance gaps

HFMtalentindex offers a range of development solutions that focus on competency performance, Learning Agility and 360-degree feedback.

Whether in a current role or for succession planning, assessing employees and identifying areas of growth enables a more focused and cost-effective approach to development.

By reviewing gaps between innate potential and demonstrated performance, employees are equipped with a deep understanding of their strengths and possible development areas, and interventions can be explored at an individual, team and organisation level.

  • Comprehensive, candidate-friendly development reports and online workbooks
  • Develop competencies, Learning Agility, Self-awareness and more
  • 360-degree development, leadership development, individual development and team-focused development
  • Structured insights for performance appraisals, coaching conversations and development planning


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