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Tips and FAQ's

You have been invited to complete an online assessment. How do you prepare? Here are our top tips:

Tip 1. Take an online assessment seriously

Organisations take the results of online assessments very seriously. As a participant, you should also take it seriously. You too can benefit from the results of an online assessment. It often provides clear tools and insights for your own development and choices.

Tip 2. Know what to expect

Most online assessments consist of a personality assessment, a motivations assessment and possibly a cognitive ability assessment. You often know in advance which test (s) you have to take and what the purpose of the online assessment is.

Tip 3. Don't try to beat the test

Answer honestly and spontaneously when completing a personality or motivations assessment. Do not try to respond differently to how you actually are and try not to respond in terms of the job role expectations. After all, you also want the future position to suit you.

Tip 4. A good night's sleep and a quiet environment

Make sure you start an online assessment when you are well-rested. In addition, make sure that you are not disturbed while completing the tests.

Watch the demo ---> Demo

Download an overview of our tips with sample questions as a pdf document.

Test yourself

We offer three tests here that give you an indication of your qualities, motivations and intelligence. These are short versions of three complete online assessments. These tests allow you to practise, but do not offer the same reliability and validity as the full HFMtalentindex tests.


I am unable to log in (with the activation link from the invitation I received). What am I doing wrong?

In the invitation email, every participant is given an activation link. This link leads to a page where the participant can create his/her own profile. Among other things, this profile consists of a username and password, which the participant is free to choose. After the profile is created, the activation link can no longer be used. From then on, the participant can log in at at any time, using the login combination he/she has chosen. He/She will receive a confirmation email containing this URL and his/her self-chosen username.

The activation link is only active for 21 days. If the participant doesn't use it within that time, you will need to invite him/her again. The new invitation will contain a new activation link, which will again be valid for 21 days).

If the participant forgets his/her self-chosen login combination, this can be indicated on the login page (, by entering his/her email address. Please note! The email address must correspond to the email address that is linked to the account. The participant will then receive an email with a link to choose a new password.

What do I need on my computer to be able to make the test?

The only thing the participant needs in order to use HFMtalentindex, is a working internet connection and internet browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). No additional software needs to be installed.

However, we do recommend making the test in an environment with a stable internet connection, where the participant won't be disturbed. For example, we don't recommend making tests when you are on the road or during office hours, if you are expecting phone calls or visits from colleagues.

When making intelligence tests, we recommend having pen and paper nearby. This is also mentioned on the start page of these tests.

The reports are downloaded as PDF documents. In order to view these, the participant needs to have a PDF viewing programme on his/her computer. The most commonly used programme is Adobe Reader. If this isn't already on the participant's computer, free downloads are available online.

I am dyslexic, will this be taken into account in the test?

This won't be taken into account in the test.

With the exception of the intelligence tests, none of the tests have a time limit. Emphasise that the participant can take his/her time in completing the test. If it helps, the font-size can be enlarged by zooming in on a page (Ctrl +). On an Apple, replace Ctrl by Command.

If the participant is meant to take the Complete Intelligence Test ('VIT'), you could consider using the HFMtalentindex abstract reasoning test instead (this is one of the
Specific Intelligence Tests). The advantage of this test is that the participant doesn't have to constantly switch between the different types of questions. The test also doesn't appeal to any textual or numerical knowledge. However, in the case of a selection decision, using a different test makes it more difficult to compare the participant's score to that of other applicants.

When you do decide to use the VIT, you can advise the participant to skip the questions he/she has trouble with and to focus on the questions he/she considers to be easier.

For additional information on dealing with dyslexia, read the following article ---> Online assessment and dyslexia

Is there somewhere I can practise for the test?

There are some websites that offer free online tests, which can easily be found, for example with Google. There is no harm in practising, in order to become familiar with the types of questions and perhaps take away some insecurities.

Three practice tests can be found on These are short versions of a motivations test, personality measurement and intelligence

What is Learning Agility? Watch the video - Learning Agility in 90 seconds

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